Funded and private pensions

OECD/IOPS Conference on Private Pensions in Latin America: 29-30 March 2006


29-30 March 2006 - Santiago, Chile

This event was hosted by the Superintendency of Pension Fund Administrators of Chile and was held with sponsorship by the Government of Japan. The IOPS Technical Committee and Executive Committee Meetings were organised back to back with the OECD/IOPS international conference and was held on 31 March 2006 (more information is available on

This conference focused on an evaluation of the private pension system in Chile and the lessons that can be drawn from Chile’s experience for other countries. The conference provided a unique forum for discussing the progress achieved in Chilean reform over the past decades and addressed the key policy issues still high on the government’s private pension reform agenda. Such policy issues are also of crucial relevance to other Latin American countries undertaking major overhauls of their retirement income systems. The following topics were discussed: the challenge of coverage, constraints in payout phase of pension systems, risk management in defined contribution schemes, risk based supervision, the challenge of investment choice and pension fund cost management. The conference also provided an opportunity to present the OECD best principles and practices elaborated in the area of private pensions and to evaluate their implication in the private pensions international regulatory context, and in particular for the Chilean regulatory framework.


The conference brought together high-level officials from regulatory and supervisory authorities, representatives of private pension industry and research institutes, as well as other leading experts from both OECD and Latin America countries.

Opening Remarks and introduction to OECD/IOPS Principles for Pension Regulation and Supervision

Session 1: Introduction to OECD/IOPS Work on Pension Regulation and Supervision

Session 2: Private Pension Regulation in an International Context

Session 3: Challenge of Coverage

OECD Financial Education Project

Session 4: Payout Phase of Pension Systems

Session 5: Risk Management in a Defined Contribution World

Session 6: Risk Based Supervision in DC pension systems

Session 7: The Challenge of Investment Choice and Costs


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