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OECD reviews of pension systems


These reports assess national pension systems on the basis of OECD best practices in pension design and present various proposals to help improve and guarantee their sustainbility in the long term. Two countries have been reviewed to date.


OECD Reviews of Pension Systems: Mexico

‌15/10/2015 - The reforms to the pensions system in Mexico, especially the introduction of a system of individual defined contribution accounts, have significantly improved the system’s financial sustainability.

These reforms cover private-sector workers insured by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), federal government employees insured by the Government Workers’ Social Security and Services Institute (ISSSTE) and certain other government agencies.

One challenge that remains is gradually to harmonise the rules for all pension plans, whether offered by the federal government, local government or universities, among other bodies, with the eventual aim of establishing a genuinely equivalent national pensions system for all Mexicans.

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 OECD Reviews of Pension Systems: Ireland

07/04/2014 - This report provides an international perspective on Ireland’s retirement income provision for a focused review on the viability and long-term impact of proposed changes in pension policy, taking into account the impact of the economic downturn. It covers all components of the pension system: state, private personal and occupational plans and schemes for public-sector employees.‌ 

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