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Pensions at a Glance: Retirement-Income Systems in OECD and G20 Countries


Note: the next edition of Pensions at a Glance 2015 came out on 1st December 2015


‌‌‌Pensions at a Glance 2013

Publication date:

26 November 2013

Pages: 368

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This 2013 and fifth edition of Pensions at a Glance provides a range of indicators for comparing pension policies and their outcomes between OECD countries. The indicators are also, where possible, provided for the other major economies that are members of the G20. Two special chapters (Chapters 1 and 2) provide deeper analysis of recent pension reforms and their impact and of the role of housing, financial wealth and public service for retirement income adequacy.

Chapter 1. Recent pensions reforms and their distributional impact

Chapter 2. Housing, financial wealth and public services for adequate living standards in old-age

Chapter 3. Design of pension systems

Chapter 4. Pension entitlements

Chapter 5. Income and poverty of older people

Chapter 6. Finances of retirement-income systems

Chapter 7. Demographic and economic context

Chapter 8. Private pensions and public pension reserves

Chapter 9. Pensions at a Glance 2013: Country profiles

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Country-specific highlights: (other countries to be added)

  Australia   Hungary ‌  Poland
  Austria Iceland flag - 35x20  Iceland  Portugal                           
  Belgium                                                       Ireland_small  Ireland  Slovak Republic_small Slovak Republic                                             
Canada_small  Canada  Israel  Slovenia_small Slovenia

 Italy    (Italian & English) 

Czech Republic_small   Czech Republic                                                               

  Japan  (Japanese & English)                                               

 Sweden_small Sweden
Denmark_small   Denmark

Korea, Republic_small  Korea   (Korean & English)                                                                                                     

 Switzerland_small Switzerland                                                             
  Estonia    Luxembourg  Turkey_small Turkey
   Finland  Mexico_small  Mexico   United Kingdom
France_small  France  Netherlands  United States_small United States
 ‌Germany    New Zealand  
  Greece    Norway  






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Country Profiles

World map


Other major economies

Argentina - Brazil - China - India

Indonesia - Russian Federation

Saudi Arabia - South Africa





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