Meeting on making ESG meaningful for insurers and pension funds



 11 December 2020 | 12:30pm-15:00pm (CEST)   Via Zoom 

The OECD Insurance and Private Pensions Committee (IPPC) and the Working Party on Private Pensions (WPPP), are holding a joint meeting to discuss potential next steps on their work on sustainable and ESG investment, in cooperation with the PRI. A key consideration for the Committee and Working Party in developing projects are how impactful a project might be in leading to policy guidance to governments, and prioritising analyses which could lead to this. Factors to take into consideration are how to provide analysis on issues that are high relevance and priority for governements and relevant authorities and how to achieve a strong evidence based analysis for this purpose. Thus, projects are being proposed and considered with a view of reaching evidence-based findings that could lead to best practices or policy recommendations that could eventually be put forward to governments.

To inform the delegates to the Committee and Working Party, this joint meeting is widely inviting stakeholders to solicit input on relevance of projects that could be undertaken as well as on other aspects necessary for the projects to be well developed. The meeting is also intended to better inform delegates on the wider discussion in markets and relevant fora on ESG investment and sustainable finance.






Sustainable and resilient finance

Investment governance and the intergration of environmental, social and governance factors








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