Be part of our legislative learning hub

The OECD Global Parliamentary Network is a legislative learning hub for legislators and parliamentary officials. Its flexible structure allows MPs from across the political spectrum to share experiences, identify good practices and foster international legislative co-operation.

  • Benefit from OECD analysis and recommendations on the very issues you are working on
  • Meet and exchange with peers and experts on policies during our meetings to compare best practices

See below how the OECD Global Parliamentary Network can be useful to you. Any questions? Browse our FAQ.

Connects legislators and parliamentary officials

The Parliamentary Network:

  • co-ordinates with parliaments in OECD member and partner countries through focal points

  • organises Network meetings both in Paris and ‘on the road’ hosted by a national parliament

  • facilitates your participation in the annual OECD Forum and other key OECD events

  • partners with parliamentary assemblies, organisations, and the European Parliament


Browse events with parliamentarians

Gives access to the latest OECD analysis

When weighing policy options to craft sound legislation, you can benefit from the OECD's:

  • independent information
  • comparative studies
  • economic and other data
  • policy advice

which can be accessed:

Compares policies and best practices

The OECD needs your expertise to:

  • learn about your constituents' concerns
  • enrich our monitoring of trends in countries
  • help us benchmark our advice

Come and share your unique experience as lawmakers and politicians, and learn from each other and OECD experts during:

  • our tailor-made seminars for national parliaments, either in a country or at the OECD

  • thematic parliamentary groups, such as the OECD Parliamentary Group on Tax or Artificial Intelligence