OECD Workshop on Digital Identity Management (IDM) - Trondheim, Norway, 8-9 May 2007


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Identity management (IDM) in the online environment is seen as a key enabler for electronic business and electronic government because it facilitates the expansion of information systems and network boundaries and increases access points. It is also an issue at the cross-roads of information security, privacy and trust.

This workshop, organised by the OECD and hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research and Ministry of Government Administration and Reform, brought together experts from government, industry and civil society to explore the main information security and privacy issues surrounding digital identity management.

The discussion on day one explored illustrative examples of IDM frameworks, solutions and applications. The second day focused on the needs of, and challenges faced by, private and public bodies as users of IDM, as well as possible responses to those challenges. The broader implications of IDM for individuals’ ability to control the digital representation of their identity and its potential uses were a focus throughout the workshop.



Day 1 – Government and Businesses as Users of Identity Management

9.15 Registration

10:00 Welcome

  • Jan Peter Strømsheim, Senior Advisor, Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research - Presentation
  • Hugo Parr,  Director General, Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration and Reform - Presentation
  • Workshop Chair: Katarina de Brisis, Vice Chair OECD WPISP; Senior Adviser, Ministry of Government Administration and Reform

10:20 Keynote Speeches

  • The context for Identity Management Architectures and Trust Models - Presentation
    Daniel Greenwood, Lecturer, MIT Media Lab/ MIT E-Commerce Architecture Program
  • An Introduction to Digital Identity - Presentation
    Andreas Pfitzmann, Head of the Privacy and Security Research Group, Department of Computer Science, Dresden University of Technology

11:50 Session 1 - Frameworks, Solutions and R&D Projects

Moderator: Dirk Van Rooy, Principal Scientific Officer, European Commission

  • The Liberty Alliance Framework - Presentation
    Robin Wilton, Sun Microsystems, Co-Chair of the Liberty Alliance Public Policy Expert Group
  • The Microsoft Identity Metasystem and Infocards - Presentation
    Chris Bunio, Senior Architect, Microsoft
  • Privacy and Identity Management in Europe (PRIME) - Presentation
    Thomas Gross, PRIME
  • Bridging the Identity Management Gaps - Presentation
    Tony Rutkowski, Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs and Standards,VeriSign Inc.
  • Moderated discussion

13:00 Lunch

14:15 Session 1 (continued) - Frameworks, Solutions and R&D Projects 

  • Research and Development - Presentation
    Jim Dray, Program Manager for Identity Management Systems, Department of Commerce, National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), United States
  • Research and Development - Presentation
    Denis Royer, The Future of Identity in the Information Society (FIDIS)
  • Moderated discussion

15:00 Session 2 - Government and Business Case studies

Moderator: Jane Hamilton, Director, Electronic Commerce Policy, Industry Canada

  • Identity Management in the Educational Sector - Presentation
    Ingrid Melve, Chief Technical Officer, UNINETT, Norway
  • Identity Management in the Public Administration: the US Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card - Presentation
    Curt Barker, Division Chief, Department of Commerce, National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), United States
  • Identity Management in the Public Sector - Presentation
    Sara Marshall, Director, External Affairs, Identity and Passport Service, United Kingdom
  • Identity Management across the Public and Private Sectors in Korea: the i-Pin - Presentation
    Chanjoo Chung, Senior Researcher, Korea Information Security Agency (KISA), Korea
  • Moderated discussion

16:30 Session 2 (continued) - Government and Business Case studies

  • Identity Management within a Company: Boeing - Presentation
    Stephen Whitlock, Chief Security Architect, The Boeing Company
  • Identity Management within an Online Company: PayPal
    Michael Barrett, Chief Information Security Officer, PayPal, Inc.
  • Identity Management across Domains - Presentation
    Jean-Pierre Tual, Director, Industrial Relations, Gemalto
  • Moderated discussion

17:30 Summary of Day 1 Discussion

18:00 Close of Day 1

20:00 Workshop dinner at Rica Nidelven Hotel, the workshop venue

Day 2 - Exploring Challenges and Possible Responses

9:00  Session 3 - Technical, Legal and Societal Challenges and Responses

Moderator:  Jan-Martin Lowendahl, Research Director, Gartner Group

  • Interoperability
    André Vasconcelos, Consultant, The Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), Portugal Presentation
    Gillian Ormiston, Senior Consultant, Identity Management and Security Solutions, Motorola Presentation
    Paul Trevithick, Founder, HigginsPresentation
  • Security
    Ben Laurie, Security Consultant, GooglePaper - Presentation 
    Bob Blakley, Principal Analyst, The Burton Group
  • Security Architecture and Trust Modelling - Presentation
    Frank Leyman, Manager, International Relations, FEDICT, Belgium
  • Risk Management and Auditing - Presentation
    Richard Mapleston, Regional Information Planner (Europe), Shell Exploration & Production Europe
  • Moderated discussion

11.20 Session 3 (continued): Challenges and Responses

  • Privacy - PresentationToby Stevens, Director, Enterprise Privacy Group, United Kingdom
  • Trust and Consumer Issues - Presentation
    Naomi Lefkovitz, Attorney, Federal Trade Commission, United States
  • Functional Requirements for Privacy Enhancing Systems - Presentation
    Fred Carter, Senior Policy and Technology Advisor, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ontario (Canada)
  • Assessment Methodology for Identity Attributes - Presentation
    Irma Van Der Ploeg, Associate Professor, Research Centre Infonomics & New Media, Zuyd University, The Netherlands
  • Using Icons to Express User Preferences - Presentation
    Mary Rundle, Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School, United States
  • Moderated discussion    

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Session 4 - Conclusions and Next Steps 

Moderator: Katarina De Brisis, Workshop Chair

Keynote speakers:

  • Daniel Greenwood
  • Andreas Pfitzmann

Session Moderators: 

  • Dirk van Rooy 
  • Jane Hamilton 
  • Jan-Martin Lowendahl

Additional discussant:

  • Malcolm Crompton, Managing Director, Information Integrity Solutions Pty LtdPresentation
  • Thomas Gross, IBM


16:00 Close of meeting


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