Economic Survey - Norway 2004


The OECD assessment and recommendations on the main economic challenges faced by Norway are available by clicking on each chapter heading below.

Economic trends and policy challenges
What is the overall outlook for Norway? What are the Norwegian economy's main strengths? What are the main policy challenges? What is the significance of the new macro policy framework? How successfully has it been implemented? How does flexible inflation targeting contribute to good policy management?

Fiscal reform
Does fiscal consolidation need to be more ambitious? Does the planned pension reform address the ageing issue? To what extent can funding help? How is non-pension spending being reformed? Are sickness benefits being brought under control? How can numbers entering disability pensions be curtailed? How can adverse trends in labour utilisation be reversed? What reforms are proposed to the tax system?

Reforms to boost labour supply and human capital
Can the labour market be made even more flexible? Should the traditional wage bargaining model adapt? Are education reforms underway?

Product market competition and economic performance in Norway
Why should competition  be strengthened? What competition policy reforms are needed? What  sector specific reforms?

See also ECO Working Paper 389: Product market competition and ecnoomic performance in Norway

Some aspects of sustainable development
How has Norway contributed to sustainable development? How can policies to control greenhouse gases, safeguard fish stocks, and promote regional and world development be improved?

A printer-friendly Policy Brief  (pdf format) may also be downloaded.  The Policy Brief contains the OECD assessment and recommendations, but does not include all of the charts available from the above pages.


The full edition of the OECD Economic Survey for Norway is available from:

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