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Please note that this list provides only partial information about the many meetings that take place at the OECD in Paris and elsewhere. See list of past high-level ministerial meetings. For further information, please contact the Media Division.


Last update: 6/10/2015





5-9 OECD Development Week 2015  
7 Launch of Multi-dimensional Review of Peru. Lima, Peru.  
7 Launch of Climate Finance in 2013-14 and the USD 100 billion goal. Lima, Peru.  
8 Statistics : Composite Leading Indicators.  
9-11 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the WBG and the IMF. Lima, Peru.   
12 Statistics : Harmonised Unemployment Rates.  
12-14 Global Economic Symposium (GES). Kiel, Germany.   

13th European Week of Regions and Cities (OPEN DAYS). Brussels, Belgium.


Launch of How's Life 2015 : Measuring Well-being. Guadalajara, Mexico. 


5th World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy : Transforming Policy, Changing Lives. Guadalajara, Mexico.


Statistics : Employment. 


OECD Higher Education Futures. Singapore, Republic of Singapore.


Women's Forum Global Meeting 2015. Deauville, France.

16 6th OECD Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers. Mexico City, Mexico.   
16 OECD Forum 2015 Knowledge Partner, IE Business School, Venture Day. Paris, France.  
19-20 Global Education Industry Summit. Helsinki, Finland.  
20 Launch of Climate Change Mitigation  
20 Launch of Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2015.  
20-21 OECD Daejeon Ministerial Meeting. Daejeon, Republic of Korea.   
22 International conference for the economic recovery and development of Mali. Paris, France.  
26-28 9th UNESCO Youth Forum. Paris, France.   
26-30 Sahel and West Africa Week (Expo Milano 2015). Milan, Italy.   
28 Launch of OECD Regulatory Policy Outlook.  
28 OECD Public Governance Ministerial meeting. Helsinki, Finland.  
29-30 8th Meeting of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, Bridgetown, Barbados.  
29-30 2015 OECD/IOPS Global Forum on Private Pensions. Berlin, Germany.  
29-30 14th OECD Global Forum on Competition. Paris, France.    


3 Statistics : Consumer Price Indices.  
4 Launch of Health at a Glance 2015.  
4 Launch of OECD Environmental Performance Reviews : Brazil 2015 and Economic Survey of Brazil 2015.   
4 DAC Peer Review of Germany.   
4-6 The international CSO leaders' forum (Global Perspectives conference). Bangkok, Thailand.  
9 Launch of OECD Economic Outlook (issue 2).  
9-10 New World Forum 2015. Paris, France.  
10 Launch of IEA World Energy Outlook 2015.  
10 Statistics : Harmonised Unemployment Rates.  
13-14 L20 Summit. Antalya, Turkey.  
14-15 B20 Summit. Antalya, Turkey.  
15-16 G20 Summit. Antalya, Turkey.  
17 Launch OECD Environmental Performance Review : the Netherlands 2015.  
23 Statistics : Quarterly National Accounts GDP Growth.  
24 Launch of Education at a Glance 2015 : OECD Indicators. Brussels, Belgium.  
26 Launch of Economic Survey of Chile 2015.  
26 Launch of Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in the Netherlands  
28-30 India Economic Summit. New Delhi, India.  
30-11 Dec COP21/CMP11 ("Paris 2015"). Paris, France.   


1 Statistics : Consumer Price Indices.  
1 Launch of Pensions at a Glance 2015.   
2-3 OECD Global Strategy Group (GSG) Meeting. Paris, France.    
3 Statistics Day 2015.   
5-6 Global Landscapes Forum. Paris, France.  
8 Statistics : Composite Leading Indicators.  
9 Statistics : Harmonised Unemployment Rates.  
14-15 2015 Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum. Paris, France.  
14 Statistics : Quarterly National Accounts G20 GDP.  
15 Statistics : Unit labour Costs.