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Please note that this list provides only partial information about the many meetings that take place at the OECD in Paris and elsewhere. See list of past high-level ministerial meetings. For further information, please contact the Media Division.


 Terror attacks in Paris: Please note that all meetings at the OECD the week of 16 November will proceed as planned.

Last update: 20/11/2015






OECD Eurasia Week 2015. Paris, France.

24 Launch of Education at a Glance 2015 : OECD Indicators. Brussels, Belgium.  
25 Launch of Economic Survey of Chile 2015.  
25 Launch of Environmental Performance Review of the Netherlands. Paris, France.   
26 Launch of Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in the Netherlands. The Hague.   
28-30 India Economic Summit. New Delhi, India.  
30-11 Dec COP21/CMP11 ("Paris 2015"). Paris, France.   


1 Statistics : Consumer Price Indices.  
1 Launch of Pensions at a Glance 2015.   
2-3 OECD Global Strategy Group (GSG) Meeting. Paris, France.    
3 Statistics : G20 Trade.  
4 Launch of Mental Health and Work : Australia.   
5-6 Global Landscapes Forum. Paris, France.  
8 Statistics : Composite Leading Indicators.  
9 Statistics : Harmonised Unemployment Rates.  
10 Workshop on mobilising private investment for SDGs. Paris, France.  
14-15 2015 Green Growth and Sustainable Development Forum. Paris, France.  
14 Statistics : Quarterly National Accounts G20 GDP.  
17 Statistics : Unit labour Costs.  


14-15 Policy Forum on the Future of Work and OECD Employment and Labour Ministerial Meeting. Paris, France.  
20-23 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016. Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.  


3-5 4th OECD Parliamentary Days.  
5 Statistics Day 2015.   


3-4 International Summit on the Teaching Profession.  
14-17 World Investment Forum 2016. Lima, Peru.