The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities; Synthesis Report to be launched Monday 9 September 9:15 – 17:30 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands


04/09/2013 - What: A new OECD report, The Competitiveness of Global Port-Cities; Synthesis Report, outlines the role of ports in urban and national economies. The report provides policy recommendations to increase the positive economic impacts and mitigate negative impacts related to environment, land use and traffic congestion.


Who: OECD Deputy Secretary General Yves LETERME and Mr. Olaf MERK, the main author of the report, will outline key findings, followed by comments from port leaders and local and regional government leaders, including:


-          Mrs. Jeanette BALJEU (Vice Mayor Rotterdam);

-          Mr. Freek OSSEL (Vice Mayor Amsterdam);

-          Mr. Hans SMITS (CEO, Port of Rotterdam);

-          Mrs. Dertje MEIJER (CEO, Port of Amsterdam);

-          Mrs. Cathy BERX (Governor of the Province of Antwerp);

-          Mrs. Christine LOH (Undersecretary of the Environment, Hong Kong Government);

-          Mr. Hervé MARTEL (CEO, Port of Le Havre);

-          Mr. Paolo COSTA (President, Venice Port Authority);

-          Mr. Wolfgang HURTIENNE (Managing Director, Port of Hamburg);

-          Mr. Bill JOHNSON (Director, Port of Miami);

-          Mr. Patrick DAHER (President Supervisory Board, Port of Marseille).


Where/When: The conference takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (LantarenVenster, Otto Reuchlinweg 996, Rotterdam), on Monday 9 September, from 9:15 to 17:30.


This event is open to the media. If you would like to attend, please contact by e-mail: The programme of the conference is available at:


For advance copies of the report, under embargo, or further information, please contact Olaf Merk in the OECD’s Public Governance and Territorial Development directorate: (tel. +33 1 45 24 16 60).


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