OECD trade briefing on 3 May 2013 in Geneva


23/04/2013 - Inefficient, outdated and complex trade procedures and formalities prevent businesses from taking full advantage of open global markets.


To help governments improve their border procedures, reduce trade costs, boost trade flows and reap greater benefits from international trade, the OECD has developed a set of Trade Facilitation Indicators that identify areas for action and allow the potential impact of reforms to be assessed. The Indicators provide a basis for governments to prioritise trade facilitation actions - particularly in the context of ongoing multilateral negotiations - while mobilising technical assistance and capacity-building efforts for developing countries in a more targeted way.


The OECD will present the new Trade Facilitation Indicators during an embargoed media briefing on 3 May 2013, starting at 9 a.m., at the World Trade Organization in Geneva (Room S2, Lower Ground Floor of the WTO building).  Presenters will include Trudy Witbreuk, head of the development division in the OECD’s Trade and Agriculture directorate, and OECD senior trade policy analyst Evdokia Moise.


To participate in the briefing, please contact Lawrence Speer  (+33 1 4524 7970) or the OECD Media Office (+33 1 4524 9700).


The new Trade Facilitation Indicators will be available online at 12 p.m. (Noon) Paris time on 3 May for immediate release.

Journalists will be allowed advanced acces to the electronic version of the new Trade Facilitation Indicators, by e-mail and under embargo, the day before release.


The Indicators will be sent by e-mail on request only. In asking to receive the Indicators under embargo, journalists undertake to respect the OECD’s embargo procedures. Requests to receive the Indicators by e-mail under embargo or to obtain a password to access the website should be sent by e-mail to


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