OECD’s Gurría commends Greece’s reforms at meeting with Minister Skrekas


28/11/2014 - Meeting Greece’s Minister of Development and Competitiveness Mr. Kostas Skrekas today, OECD Secretary General Angel Gurría said the Greek government’s reform programme was already showing positive results.  

Mr Skrekas emphasized the quality of the OECD’s advice and the effective cooperation between the Organisation’s experts and Greece’s public administration to support reform. Minister Skrekas said the Greek Government was committed to continue reforms that will assist entrepreneurship and cut red tape. He added that Greece’s commitment to reform is shown, for example, by the elimination, earlier this week, of investment licenses for 104 business sectors.‎

Mr Gurría said: “Greece should be commended for its tremendous reform effort over the last few years. Reforms to strengthen competition, reduce administrative burdens and improve the transparency of public procurement are already having positive results on Greece’s economic performance, its international competitiveness and on restoring growth”.

An OECD evaluation of competition regulation in a number of manufacturing sectors, to be completed in December, will contain preliminary recommendations regarding laws and rules to be changed or abolished on the basis of an assessment relying on the OECD’s Competition Assessment Toolkit.

Minister Skrekas also delivered a letter to Mr Gurría informing that Greece had decided to reintegrate as a member of the OECD Development Centre and expressed his country’s willingness to participate actively in this policy forum going forward.

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