OECD Economic Survey of Switzerland launches Tuesday 1 December 2015


25/11/15-The OECD Economic Survey of Switzerland, to be published on Tuesday 1 December, assesses the country’s strong rebound since the global economic crisis, which has out-paced its main European trading partners and matched the strength of the US recovery. The Survey discusses what Switzerland can do to boost its medium-term growth prospects, particularly as concerns productivity.   It also addresses policy measures that can help tame the housing cycle, improve the efficiency of public spending and enable the achievement of ambitious environmental objectives.


OECD Chief Economist Catherine L. Mann will present the Survey on 1 December in Berne with Switzerland’s State-Secretary for Economic Affairs Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch  during a press conference starting at 14:30 local time (13:30 GMT) at the Press Centre of the Federal Palace (Bundesgasse 8-12, Bern).


The Survey will be available to registered journalists on the OECD's password-protected website at 13:30 GMT for immediate release.


An Overview of the Economic Survey, with the main conclusions, will be freely accessible on the OECD’s web site at: You are invited to include this Internet link in reports on the Survey.


For further information on the press event, contact Isabel Herkommer, spokesperson for Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (tel: +41 31 325 03 49).


For further information on the Economic Survey contact the OECD Media Office (+33 1 4524 9700).


Journalists will be allowed advance access to the electronic version of the OECD Economic Survey of Switzerland, by e-mail and under embargo, the day before release.


The Survey will be sent by e-mail on request only. In asking to receive the Survey under embargo, journalists undertake to respect the OECD’s embargo procedures. Requests to receive the Survey by e-mail under embargo or to obtain a password to access the website should be sent by e-mail to


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