Launch of OECD report on immigrant integration, Monday 3 December 2012


28/11/2012 - Helping immigrants and their children get established at school, work and society in their new country is a challenge for governments everywhere. A new OECD report, "Settling in: OECD Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2012”, offers the first international comparisons of how well countries are doing across a broad range of indicators, revealing developments over the past decade.


Issues covered include: the impact of the economic crisis on immigrant labour market integration; how well immigrant children perform at school; countries with the lowest/highest employment rates of migrant women; access to health care for immigrants; and  poverty levels of immigrant families compared to the native-born.

The report will be available to journalists in English and French on the OECD's password-protected website at 11:00 a.m. Paris time for immediate release.

Journalists are also invited to attend a conference at OECD HQ the same day from 13.45, at which the report will be discussed by OECD experts and policy makers including Michel Aubouin, France’s Director of the reception, integration and citizenship, the Ministry of Interior and Diane Schmitt, the European Commission’s Head of Immigration and Integration, DG Home Affairs.

The complete agenda is available here

For more information or to register for the conference, please contact Spencer Wilson of the OECD’s Media Division at

The report will be sent by e-mail on request only. In asking to receive the report under embargo, journalists undertake to respect the OECD’s embargo procedures. Requests to receive it by e-mail under embargo or to obtain a password to access the website should be sent by e-mail to


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