Improving innovation policy and ensuring good governance would help raise living standards in Colombia, OECD says


25/10/2013 - Good public policies are central to well-functioning economies. Better policies on innovation, combined with high-quality regulations and a more efficient public administration, can help Colombia create jobs, boost economic growth and support development, according to three new OECD reports.


Speaking in Bogota, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said the new studies on Colombia’s innovation policies, regulatory environment and public governance system offer detailed proposals for improving the business environment and economic performance.


Earlier in the day, at the formal launch of Colombia’s accession process with President Juan Manuel Santos, Mr Gurria said: “The analysis we are presenting today shows precisely the contributions that the accession process can make. We shall be analysing Colombia’s public policies, and once the diagnosis is made, it will offer the government reform options for a stronger economy and for the greater well-being for its citizens.”


The OECD Review of Innovation Policy: Colombia says the country has a window of opportunity to diversify through innovation its commodities-driven economy, boost productivity in agriculture, manufacturing and services, and help companies better compete in the global economy. It involves above all investment in human resources.


The OECD encourages Colombia  to ensure that new funding for science, technology and innovation are distributed across all regions, and proposes ways to improve the governance of  the new resources.


The OECD Review of Regulatory Policy in Colombia: Going Beyond Administrative Simplification,  recommends that the government build on continuing initiatives to make the administration more transparent and accountable to its citizens.


Colombia still lacks a whole-of-government policy for regulatory quality and may want to rethink its institutional set-up and implement its different regulatory tools to ensure a coherent approach.


The OECD Public Governance Review of Colombia: Implementing Good Governance, points out that the country has made significant progress in implementing its governance agenda over the last ten years. Policies now aim to strengthen its institutions and promote sustainable, inclusive growth in all regions of the country.


The Review looks at ways of setting up and implementing a multi-year national development strategy.


Managing an effective public administration that delivers sound policies to citizens and business is crucial to the country’s social cohesion, prosperity and development, the report adds.


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