Competitiveness of the port-city of Marseille-Fos


14/12/2012 - What: A new OECD report, the competitiveness of the port-city of Marseille-Fos, outlines port performance, port impacts, as well as policies and Governance.


Who: Olaf Merk, the main author of the report, will outline the findings, in the presence of the local partners that were involved in the study, such as the port authority of Marseille-Fos and sub-national governments.


This event is open to the media. If you would like to attend, please contact:


For more information about OECD’s study, or an advance copy of the report under embargo, please contact Olaf Merk in OECD’s Public Governance and Territorial Development directorate by e-mail: or phone + 33.1.45 24 16 60.


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