Agriculture: Experts maintain commitment to expanding and updating tractor safety standards


23/02/12 - Experts, manufacturers and government officials meeting in Paris this week reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining safety standards in farm machinery by expanding and updating the OECD’s harmonised tests and codes.


China, India and Russia are already among the 26 countries which adhere to the OECD’s Tractor Codes. Extending safety and environmental standards to countries throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia is being pursued through OECD partnerships with a number of UN and other international organisations.


“With more than 50 million tractors around the world, over a billion workers in the agriculture sector and billions of tons of food produced each year, OECD Tractor Codes play a crucial role enhancing labour safety, improving the environment and contributing to global food security,” said Sandro Liberatori, Chair of the annual meeting on Tractor Codes.


Around 30 OECD testing stations worldwide have assessed more than 3000 tractor models since the first Code was established in 1959.  The Tractor Codes main objectives are to:

• enhance operatory safety via adequate testing of tractor protective structures (one in two fatal 
  workplace accidents in the world take place in agriculture);
• improve environmental safety by encouraging fuel efficiency and reducing engine emissions;    
• guarantee food security and facilitate trade.


The annual Tractor Codes meeting gives machinery experts, government officials, and business and farmers’ representatives the opportunity to ensure that technical aspects of the tests are adapted to the latest developments and conditions. Discussions also cover effective implementation of the codes and communication and cooperation with all interested bodies.


Other international organisations working in partnership on the OECD Tractor Codes include UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), the European Commission (EC) and UNESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific).


Further information is available from the OECD Media Division (;  tel: + 331 4524 9700); or from Michael Ryan, head of the OECD’s Agricultural Codes and Schemes Division (; tel: + 33 1 4524 8558).
Information about the OECD’s work on tractor codes can also be found here.


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