Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity Delivers Recommendations for OECD


7/4/2017 - An independent group of leading anti-corruption and integrity experts recommends doing more to enforce and develop anti-corruption standards and enhancing collaboration with other international organisations in a report on ways the OECD can strengthen its vital work in combating bribery and promoting integrity.


In the report, the High-Level Advisory Group to the Secretary-General applauds the OECD’s leadership in key aspects of the global fight against corruption, notably through the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (Anti-Bribery Convention) as well as its work promoting public sector integrity, including in public procurement.


Focussing on the areas where the OECD’s expertise and credibility offers a comparative advantage, the Advisory Group made a wide range of recommendations for:


  • Promoting the implementation and enforcement of existing OECD standards, in particular the Anti-Bribery Convention;
  • Updating or developing new OECD standards or guidance in key areas, concerning most notably corruption risks connected with public governance, local governance, state-owned enterprises, political financing, public procurement, as well as foreign bribery;
  • Fostering greater co-ordination within the OECD; and
  • Enhancing the OECD’s collaboration and partnerships with other international organisations and initiatives addressing anti-corruption and integrity issues.


The Secretary-General formally received the Advisory Group’s report and recommendations during the 2017 Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum in March. He has transmitted them to the Member countries as an opening step to foster dialogue on the OECD’s future anti-corruption efforts and looks forward to having the entire OECD community engaged in this important conversation in the coming months.


The Secretary-General convened the Advisory Group in March 2015 with a mandate to think broadly and critically on how the OECD can increase the relevance and impact of its anti-corruption and integrity programme as part of the global effort to promote good governance and sound markets. The report, available here, contains the Advisory Group’s recommendations along with a narrative explaining the rationale for each of them. The bios of the Advisory Group’s members are contained in an annex to the report.


For further information, journalists are invited to contact the OECD Media Office (+33 1 45 24 97 00). For more information on the OECD’s work to fight corruption and promote integrity, please visit and For more information on the High Level Advisory Group on Anti-Corruption and Integrity, please visit


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