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 NAEC - New approaches to economic challenges

 Open Markets Institute


The Next Global System

How to Use Competition to Shock Proof Systems, Strengthen Democracy, and Rebuild a Liberal World Order 

OECD Conference Centre 

The International community has made important advances towards building more resilience into international industrial and financial systems. But based on our long work on these threats, the Open Markets Institute (OMI) and the OECD New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) initiative believe leading democracies need to move much faster and further if we are to avoid potentially devastating disruptions to our economic and political systems. 

This conference gathers high-level policymakers along with experts on international relations, industrial and financial systems, competition policy, and political economy to develop a better understanding of why so many international systems have become so fragile, and the nature and full extent of the threats this poses. 

The discussion will build on the joint NAEC-OMI roundtable "Shock-proof: Building Resilient Systems in the 21st Century" and our long and close study of how competition can help stabilise complex and established economic systems, support democratic frameworks, and strengthen national security policies. It will be informed by recent lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic, and challenging episodes like disruptions in supply chains, semiconductor shortages, state aid, and surging geopolitical tensions.

Through more effective forms of cooperation, democracies can work together to better manage common risks, boost innovation and technological advances to the benefit of all.

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