New Approaches to Economic Challenges Seminar Series


NAEC Seminar Series

Since September 2013, the NAEC Seminar Series offers every month a programme of discussions on key global issues and OECD work.

The programme includes two types of seminars: (i) Project Seminars to discuss the outcomes of NAEC Projects; and (ii) Research Seminars on emerging tools and approaches, featuring prominent experts such as Kate Raworth, Roberto Unger, Noam Chomsky, Thomas Piketty, Angus DeatonRoman Frydman or Ha-Joon Chang .


Presentations are structured in a roundtable format, followed by a debate with participants from the Secretariat and Delegations. The aim is to improve our understanding of challenges and emerging trends, necessary policy adjustments following the crisis, and the role that new methods and tools could play in policy making going forward.


The NAEC Seminar Series offers the unique opportunity to discuss openly and horizontally relevant and innovative approaches to formulating better policies. YOU TOO can play your part in helping shape policy adjustments to address global challenges. Register!

For more information on past seminars, and to view the slides, please see the calendar below:


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We have the pleasure to invite you to the upcoming NAEC Seminars, taking place at the OECD Headquarters:

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