Presentation of work on Fairness and Resilience by JRC - Vladimír Šucha and Francesca Campolongo


A fair and resilient society is of utmost importance for the European Union. To build a knowledge base supporting policies aimed at achieving this goal, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) is currently working on two projects. The first one offers a novel multi-dimensional approach to fairness, covering income inequality, inequality of opportunity, the spatial dimensions of fairness as well as perceptions and attitudes towards equity. The second focuses on a holistic approach by analysing various strategies for building resilience in the EU. The latter has enabled the development of conceptual framework, which facilitates a common understanding of resilience and its incorporation into policy thinking.

In this NAEC seminar, the JRC will present the core elements and outputs from these two projects, work which has been documented in two recent reports; 'What makes a fair society, Insights and evidence' and 'Building a Scientific Narrative: Towards a More Resilient EU Society'.

The seminar will enable the participants to discuss and to gain a better understanding of the main concepts of fairness and resilience together with the challenges which exist and the emerging trends. The essence of the debate will be to consider the evidence, which is needed to support the formulation of better policies towards a fairer and more resilient society.


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