A Brain Capital Grand Strategy: Towards Economic Re-imagination


NAEC is working with various actors on the concept of “Brain Capital” which considers brain skills and brain health as an indispensable part of the knowledge economy, NAEC promotes this concept as an approach for thinking about the economy and how it works in new ways and is laying some of the groundwork, looking at relevant metrics and building up a network of interested actors in the medical field, neuroscience, philanthropy and business. It will connect to work in the Employment Labour and Social Affairs Directorate. 

A discussion of A Brain Capital Grand Strategy: Towards Economic Re-imagination - recently published in Molecular Psychiatry - an inter-disciplinary effort of medical doctors, neuroscientists and economists to which NAEC contributedThe paper (to which NAEC contributed) argues that in our brain economy, investments in brain health and brain skills are critical for post-COVID economic renewal, re-imagination, and long-term economic resilience.



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