Sweden and Migration


Swedish Institute and Sweden Government Offices

Launched in June 2018


Sweden and Migration is hosted on, an official website providing information about Sweden in  source for facts about Sweden in multiple languages. It is publicly funded and produced, developed, maintained and operated by the Swedish Institute (SI). 


Sweden and Migration is an interactive and educative online tool that educates users on the history of migration to the country, putting current migratory flows to Sweden into perspective. Users can follow a timeline and discover the international and domestic circumstances that have let to the development of migratory flows from and to sweden in different time periods from 1850 until today. 


By including individual stories of migrants who have left or come to Sweden in specific historical contexts using photos, videos and written testimonials, the website draws a picture of the complex realities of migration over the centuries. It thus tries to contribute to a balanced and well-informed dialogue on migration and integration in Sweden.


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Sweden and Migration


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