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Launched in December 2020


#StandUp4Migrants is a campaign and online toolbox that aims to foster a positive change in narratives on migration. It also raises awareness for how fear-driven anti-migrant narratives and misinformation, sometimes actively promoted, can lead to discrimination and division in society.


It uses storytelling in the form of animated videos to convey a narrative about migration from the perspectives of both migrants and members of host communities. Under the campaign hashtag, all users can get involved in the campaign by sharing their own stories about migration. 


At the same time, the campaign illustrates ways in which everyone can contribute to a narrative change and share content that effectively expresses their individual experiences. The campaign toolbox offers a seven-step guide with information, pracical activities and inspirational examples on how to get engaged in the public discourse about migration. The guide is based on the UN Human Rights Seven Key Elements on Building Human Rights Based Narratives on Migration and Migrants.


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“We need stories that show us that the values we hold in common are stronger than what divides us. Stories that paint a hopeful picture of the future we share.”

Michelle Bachelet,
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights 


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