Specially Unknown


European Refugees Oral History Project, European Union

Launched in 2018


Specially Unknown is about collecting stories of refugees on their journey to and life in Europe, and exploring what they can add to cultural life, heritage and society in the European cities.


The life stories of refugees in 4 European cities – Antwerp, Bochum Paris and Turin – are video recorded between spring 2018 and summer 2019.

These stories – about their life in the European cities, about what they bring and could add to these cities, but also about their sometimes long way to Europe – have inspired productions of various art works and actions, in co-creation between refugees and local artists and cultural professionals and institutions in the four participating cities, during the spring of 2019.

In parallel, a Delphi panel study on the meaning, policies and practices of cultural participation involving 45 experts from various fields, is being held in 9 European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Grece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.


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‌‌Photo: Alessandro Montanari; Copyright: Teatro delle Forme/Rete Italiana di Cultura Populare

“I was impressed by the evocative power of the dance and the intensity of the performance in Paris. Taigué Ahmed (choreographer/danser)  and Mohammad  Hijzazi (videomaker) did a remarkable job of bringing the stories and testimonies of the interviewees to the stage.”


François Tiger,

External relations officer Cité Internationale des Arts


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