Czech Republic: Smart Migration App


In April 2022, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic launched the Smart Migration App. The digital tool is designed to give foreigners and Ukrainian refugees easy access to important information on employment opportunities and public services such as healthcare, housing and education. It is accessible in Ukrainian, English and Russian language and can be downloaded here.


One of the key technological features of the app is a set of interactive tutorials that provide users access to personalised and tailored information based on their individual situation and condition. Each tutorial allows the user to generate a personal task list combined with a list of relevant contacts of authorities and organizations in the Czech Republic. The app also uses an intelligent personal assistant based on natural language processing. The assistant is trained on the topics described in the tutorials and able to answer questions in a dialogue.


 Czech Republic: Smart Migration App

The Smart Migration App was developed by Mendel University in Brno as part of the Smart Migration in the Czech Republic initiative, in cooperation with the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and COST, the European Cooperation in Science and Technology. The app content is regularly updated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, with support from the Ukrainian Initiative in the Czech Republic and the Czech Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organisations. In addition to the app, the Ministry of Labour also launched an online portal for humanitarian benefits applications, for use by those arriving from Ukraine and their host households.


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