Launched in June 2018


Caritas' #sharethejourney campaign aims to bring migrants and communities closer together, help the general public better understand the phenomenon of migration and to counter myths about migration with facts.


Since the start of the campaign, it facilitated thousands of local awareness-raising events and encounters between migrants and refugees which the organisation takes care of and host communities across the world. That way, the project tries to strenghten a new, more balanced narrative around the issue of migration based on real-life encounters.


The project website

On the dedicated website of the campaign, interested users can learn more about the phenomenon of migration and how to get involved in their local communities, for example through volunteering at events held for migrants and refugees or by inviting migrants living close to them to their home to share a meal. 




In the section Understanding Migration, users are provided with a glossary of migration-related language, explaining fundamental terms such as "Migrant", "Forced Migration" or "Smuggling". The campaign equally includes an effort to put specific myths or opinions about migration, such as "There have never been so many migrants and refugees" or "Countries don’t get any benefits from migrants" into perspective by explaining statistics and facts that show the often ambivalent and complex realities of migration today.


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