Alternative Narrative Campaign in Sardinia


In the context of the EPIC project, the region of Sardinia launched a local alternative narrative campaign 2022, consisting of five events, each coinciding with a significant international day. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the challenges faced by migrants in Sardinia, targeting the younger generation through creative and entertaining methods. The campaign used public spaces to connect with and motivate the local community by displaying creative illustrations together with slogans that captured the essence of the campaign. The artwork was distributed by campaign volunteers or displayed in static advertisements inside city buses.


Each event had a specific message that conveyed the campaign's main goal of promoting more inclusive societies. The slogans, such as “Live free, free to live” or “No one is a stranger to humanity”, tackled discrimination and prejudices faced by migrant women, labour exploitation, human trafficking, and human rights. The involvement of high school students in some of the events promoted a culture of non-violence and raised awareness among the younger generation. 


Overall, the EPIC campaign was successful in using significant international days to raise awareness of the issues facing migrants and promote more inclusive societies. The campaign demonstrated how public authorities and civil society organizations can work together to combat harmful messages on migrants and create a more equitable and sustainable society. For more information related to the EPIC initiatives and their impact, visit

Sardinia Campaign



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