Respect Words


European Ethical Code for the Media

Launched in 2017


The RESPECT WORDS project developed an ethical code for reporting on migration and on ethnic and religious minorities in Europe, which is designed to complement existing codes and practices of good reporting at news outlets. The code was developed thanks to the co-ordination of the association EMA-RTV and in partnership with more than 150 RESPECT WORDS broadcast media partners in eight EU countries.


The guidelines encourage news coverage that challenges stereotypes and that brings nuance and context to coverage of migration and minorities. They provide practical information for communication professionals producing content on these topics, and are available in English, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, German, Greek, Slovenian and Spanish.


The launch of the Code was accompanied a six-month radio broadcast campaign that addressed and analyzed issues related to cultural diversity in a context of humanitarian crisis and that brought greater visibility to initiatives and projects about migrant integration, mutual respect and human rights. Each project partner produced and broadcast 20 radio programs in its associated media networks, reaching more than 4 million EU listeners.


Find out more about the RESPECT WORDS campaign and the RESPECT WORDS code for ethical reporting





 “It is essential that the European media serve as a vehicle for promoting and driving values of peace, tolerance, solidarity and human rights.”


the RESPECT WORDS project 


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