Délégation interministérielle à l’accueil et à l’intégration des réfugiés (Diair)

Réfugié is a collaborative online platform, operated by the French Diair, that uses a network of different stakeholders to provide information for refugees in multiple languages. It is designed for statutory refugees, meaning people to whom France has granted international protection because their lives are threatened in their country of origin, but also for all the social workers and the eco-system of the integration in France.

As constant legislative evolution, multiplying organizations, and administrative complexity make it difficult to understand one's rights and duties, réfugié centralizes reliable, up-to-date, accessible information and helps refugees avoid breaks in their support system by offering them the opportunity to create a personal journey that they can easily share with their caregivers.

The mission of réfugié is to:
Identify the support systems available for refugees in France
While numerous devices are emerging in France to welcome and support refugees, these devices may not be visible enough and may not benefit enough people. Réfugié's mission is to identify and make both visible and accessible these many initiatives.
Popularise and translate administrative procedures
As soon as they are granted international protection, refugees access common law, which triggers numerous administrative procedures. The online platform publishes practical sheets to popularise these procedures and gathers volunteers to translate them into the main languages of integration.
Create personalised integration paths
Obtaining asylum mainly means rebuilding. Having to leave one's country often confuses one's bearings, ambitions and objectives. Réfugié offers a structuring tool allowing refugees to reach their life goals faster and more serenely.
Réfugié follows a contributory approach based on 3 principles:
Towards a more open State
In order to increase the openness and transparency of réfugié, the source code of the site is publicly available. An open network helps identify needs of refugees and propose new solutions.
Local involvement
As people and organisations on the ground are often best able to identify and list local actions, the platform allows different geographic areas to identify and promote their initiatives.
Promote micro-engagement
By giving everyone the opportunity to easily contribute to the platform, like on Wikipedia, réfugié promotes new forms of micro-engagement, allowing new people and stakeholders to get involved in the support of refugees.  
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