Nya Kompisbyrån


Nya Kompisbyrån

Launched in 2014


Nya Kompisbyrån is an NGO that aims to increase community in society between new and established Swedes by matching newly arrived migrants with locals in their communitiesThe project is operating in 15 locations around Sweden and has matched more than 40.000 participants which each other since 2014. 


The mission of the project is to increase community in society by lowering the threshold for more meetings between people with different backgrounds, experiences and cultures - meetings that can lead to better language skills, broadened social networks, increased job opportunities for newly arrived migrants and a better understanding between different members of society: While 95% of both new and established Swedes feel they have learned something new about another culture after a meeting, 28% of the participants who were jobseekers got a job or internship with the help of their match.


 ‌Järfälla Kompis

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