Germany – “Hinsehen – Erkennen – Handeln” (“Look, recognize, act”)


In 2022, the government of Berlin has implemented two city-wide campaigns under the title “Look, recognize, act”, raising awareness and sensitizing citizens for different manifestations of both antisemitic and Islamophobic discrimination in daily life. The campaign targets witnesses of discrimination, antisemitism and islamophobia.


Witnesses are informed about recognizing such acts and encouraged to report such cases to the relevant public authorities. In mupltiple campaign cycles over several months, the city distributed posters, flyers and postcards in key areas of the city, published video content across social media channels and cooperated with schools in order to reach particularly young audiences with communication materials.

Germany – “Hinsehen – Erkennen – Handeln” (“Look, recognize, act”) 

 Through this multi-channel outreach over an extensive period of time, the concerned local public authorities aim to make cases of antisemitic and Islamophobic discrimination visible, in order to improve their ability to address the issue. 


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