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Overseas Development Institute

Launched in 2020


This dedicated website created by the Overseas Development Institute, aims at highlighting migrants' contribution to the Covid-19 response by showcasing examples of relevant reforms, new initiatives and campaigns.


Refugees and other migrants are part of the global workforce of essential workers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in the health care sector and contributing to counties' economies and societies. Yet their contributions can be hidden and their skills undervalued.


The website collects examples of reforms, new initiatives and campaigns from across continents on migrants’ contributions to the COVID-19 response, in healthcare and other sectors, to help recognise and better support migrant essential workers in the COVID-19 response and beyond.



Key workers

The tracker dataset that the website is based on is publicly available and regularly updated. The initiatives and examples collected from all over the world are visualized based on the image of a tree growing from each world region. Each dot represents a reform, new initiative or campaign. Larger branches represent sectors, from healthcare to agriculture. Smaller branches represent levels of action, from the national to the local.


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