It Takes a Community



Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) and International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Launched in December 2020


It Takes a Community is a multi-stakeholder campaign that aims to promote balanced and evidence-based narratives on migration. It was initiated by the GFMD Ad Hoc Working Group on Public Narratives on Migration in co-operation with the IOM. The working group was co-chaired by the Government of Canada, the Government of Ecuador and the GFMD Mayors Mechanism and brings together national governments, cities, businesses, civil society and international organizations.


The campaign collects and showcases a variety of stories of the positive impact that migrants can have on the communities they live in, showcasing local initiatives and examples of migrants and diasporas and sharing them on regional and global levels. The content of the campaign is designed to respond to the phenomena of polarization and misinformation in society and targets the so-called “moveable middle”, reaching out particularly to those who don't have fixed views on either end of the spectrum and can be moved to support positive narratives on migration. 


It takes a community

The initiative, which brings together governments and all GFMD stakeholders (civil society, local authorities, business representatives and youth), encourages actors involved at all levels of their communities to become involved in the campaign and share stories about the positive impact migration has had in their respective context. The design of the campaign, which is unbranded, allows it to be adapted to a variety of local and national contexts as it can be modified to tell stories and specific experiences from any community, at any level. 


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