Integreat App



Launched in 2015


Integreat is a smartphone app and a website for newcomers in Germany to get all necessary information. While it is operarated by a non-profit organisation, the information on the platform are provided by local integration experts such as municipal governments, NGOs (e.g. Red Cross) and volunteers from the society who provide and update the information themselves.


These experts are able to provide information themselves directly in the Integreat-system for which no technological know-how is needed. The complete program and source code of the Integreat app is freely available and provided under an open source license (MIT).


The app promotes communication and understanding between cultures through an innovative digital tool that facilitates and supports local integration. The platforms adapts to the needs of the target group in order to increase the accessibility of the information provided: All information is available in multiple languages and can also be accessed offline.


Furthermore, the information are presented in a target-group-oriented way and the app develops it's functions and types of information based on the demands of users. 


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