Impossible Choices


United Nations (UN)

Launched in April 2016


The UN campaign Impossible Choices is a communication initiative aiming to help the general public better understand the realities and difficulties of refugees throughout their journey.

On the interactive website of the campaign, users have the opportunity to learn more about the difficult decisions that refugees have to face and can decide for themselves, which choices they would make in specific situations: Under which conditions would you decide to leave your home country and family members in order to seek shelter elsewhere? Which sources of information would you trust to decide on where to go and how?

By making their own choices, users are able to control the story of a refugee journey and to "walk in the shoes" of refugees in an emotive digital experience. The campaign equally showcases concrete and individual stories of refugees who have fled their country of origin and educates users about the UN's Agenda for Humanity.

Until now, more than one million users have participated in the Impossible Choices challenge.

 Impossible choices

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