Government of Canada

Launched November 2018


While Canadians support immigration at a national level, its local-level benefits are less understood. The #ImmigrationMatters campaign unites facts and personal stories to encourage conversation about the benefits of immigration for Canadian communities and to dispel myths about immigration.


The website features stories of immigrants making strong contributions to communities across Canada, and answers “What does immigration do for Canada?” and “How are immigrants to Canada selected, screened and set up for success?” Upcoming website features include profiles of communities that either have benefited or could benefit from immigration, and information about how immigrants contribute to sectors of the economy.


The campaign is marketed via social media channels and through collaborations with the Canadian Football League, the Ottawa Senators hockey team, the Conference Board of Canada, Restaurants Canada, Cities of Migration, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, among others. Collaborations have been essential for the campaign to get the word out to the general public and partners are encouraged to use the stakeholder toolkit to help amplify the campaign through their networks.


Find out more about the #ImmigrationMatters campaign and the #ImmigrationMatters toolkit





 “We have to do a better job of telling local stories, showing how hiring immigrants helps a company to grow, how immigrants are filling jobs that a company couldn’t find Canadians to do or how immigrants are getting involved and making their communities more vibrant places to live”

Ahmed Hussen

Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Canada 


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