i am a migrant


International Organization for Migration

Launched 2017


“i am a migrant” is the UN Migration Agency promoting diversity and the social inclusion of migrants. It is designed to support volunteer groups, local authorities, companies, associations and others – anyone concerned about the hostile public discourse against migrants. It is a part of the UN TOGETHER initiative, which promotes respect, safety and dignity for everyone who has left home in search of a better life.


This campaign allows the voices of individual migrants to shine through, providing honest insight into their backgrounds, struggles and successes. It seeks to combat xenophobia and discrimination at a time when so many are exposed to negative narratives about migration – whether on social media feeds or on the airwaves.


Visitors are invited to explore migrant experiences through a curated collection of 1 200 stories (to date) individual, which are searchable by origin country, current country, hashtags or key words. Blog posts and short videos are also featured, offering other ways into the stories and issues behind “i am a migrant”. Visitors are encourage to share their own migrant stories, by submitting brief answers to a list of questions and their photo.



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Source: IOM


“Instead of evoking fear, our differences should become strengths.”





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