Germany4Ukraine App


Germany4Ukraine, the dedicated web platform for Ukrainian refugees by the German Ministry of the Interior and Community, is now available as a digital application for mobile phones.


Through the app, Germany4Ukraine is able to reach a larger number of refugees. Users can download it in any country and are able to access certain app content even when offline. It is the Federal Government's central mobile point of contact for Ukrainian refugees and helps them find the information they need even before entering Germany.  


The Germany4Ukraine app collects all relevant and up-to-date information from across ministries, notably on how to apply for a residence permit in Germany and get access to accommodation, social security benefits, medical care and other public services. A chat function allows users to ask questions based on their individual situations.


Furthermore, the webpage as well as the app contain important guidelines on how to report and prosecute war crimes in Germany that Ukrainian refugees might have experienced or witnessed in their home country. The app is available in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German language. It can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices from Play Store and App Store.



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