Essentials Campaign



Directorate General for Migratory Policies of the Government of Navarre, Spain

Launched in November 2020


The "Essentials" campaign is a major communications initiaitve implemented by the Directorate General of Migration Policies seeking to highight migrants' contributions to the local Covid-19 response in the Spanish Navarre region. 


The main communication messages and objectives of the campaign consist in the following:

1. A significant part of the local migrant population ahs been on the frontline in in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic due to the fact that they occupy jobs that are considered essential to the response;

2. The local migrant population is particularly vulneable and has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic in comparison to the native population of Navarre and need specific support;

3. Raising awareness among the general public about how migrants live and work in Navarre and the specific problems they face.


These messages are conveyed through audiovisual testimonials of migrants, for example the ones of Adil, Embarca, Ermelinda, Iordan, Jacques, María Esther, Paola and Zhicong.


The campaign content is being diffused on a variety of different channels and platforms, such as the local TV channel "Navarra Television", local urban transport busses and local radios. In total, the campaign aims to reach 640 000 local citizens and will be evaluated in the second half of 2021.




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