Europe: CoMMiTTed project


The CoMMiTTed project, co-funded by Erasmus+, offers a number of training resources to help teachers develop critical analysis skills in relation to fake news and disinformation about migrants in the public discourse, particularly in times of crisis.


The project was launched to promote more responsible use of digital technologies, social media, and social networks by introducing critical cultural awareness in initial teacher education programmes.


CoMMiTTed project

One of the resources available on the project website is the Pedagogic Observatory of Fake News, a digital tool which offers analysis and deconstructs news which falsely link migrants and minorities to the COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies. The observatory includes 5 case studies from the countries included in the project – Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.


Additionally, the e-handbook for teachers and teacher educators provides a glossary of essential terms and information on fake news and provides ideas on how to use the ComMMiTTED resources, both in teacher education programmes and in school. 


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