Finland: #CanAnyoneHear Campaign


Launched in April 2022, the Finnish #CanAnyoneHear campaign aims at promoting the involvement of migrants with refugee backgrounds in the development of public integration services on national and municipal level. It raises an awareness for the value of the unique viewpoints of migrants on the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of integration policies, which are often overheard in the general public debate. 


On the campaign website, readers can get to know the storys and opinions of individuals with a refugee background, giving them a platform to make their own voices heard when it comes to their opprtunities to participate in Finnish society and the quality of public integration services provided. Such stories are further amplyfied through the additional social media campaign under the #CanAnyoneHear hashtag. 

Finnland flag

The campaign content is structured around three key thematic questions:

  • How have people with a refugee background had their voices heard in Finnish society? In what ways have they not been heard?
  • How are the dreams and goals of those with a refugee background supported through services available to them?
  • What makes migrants with a refugee background feel a part of Finnish society? Which factors influence this?

This campaign is funded by the EU Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and implemented by the Integration Partnership Programm of the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs Employment in cooperation with the Finnish Centre for Economic Development. 


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