Italy: “Beyond the Ghetto – Stories of Freedom”


"Beyond the Ghetto - Stories of Freedom" is a storytelling competition organised as part of the Su.Pr.Eme. project under the National Plan to tackle labour exploitation in agriculture. The project has been created to collect, disseminate and reward the stories of migrants in Italy who have escaped exploitation in agriculture, raising awareness for the often precarious living and working conditions of migrant workers in this sector.


Both public and private organisations fighting against illegal work in the regions of Puglia, Campania, Calabria, Basilicata and Sicily can participate in the competition. Participants are asked to submit innovative storytelling projects about the living realities of migrant workers in agriculture and successful initiatives of emancipation and liberation from labour exploitation.


On the project website, users can access the individual stories selected by the jury of the competition in the form of audio-visual testimonies.

Beyond the ghetto

The Su.Pr.Eme. programme, which receives support from the EU’s AMIF Fund, aims to combat severe forms of exploitation of marginalised and vulnerable migrant workers in the Italian agricultural sector. “Beyond the ghetto – Stories of Freedom is a collective initiative led by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Italy in cooperation with the participating regions, the State Labour Inspectorate, the International Organization for Migration and the Nova National Consortium for Social Innovation.


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