Colombia: Barometer Xenophobia


In Colombia, the Barometer Xenophobia initiative provides publicly available analyses of migration-related conversations on Twitter and offline media about the migrant population in different cities of Colombia. Its objective is to address negative narratives and language that enhances hate speech towards migrants and refugees in Colombia, and to create an alert system to inform key stakeholders such as media and local public authorities that can provide support and mitigate risks in the different territories. 

This project operates in collaboration with the “Observatorio de Migraciones de la Universidad Externado de Colombia”, which has developed a data processing methodology that allows a real-time monitoring of conversations happening on digital platforms.

Barometer Xenophobia

The monitoring of online conversations helps to gauge the problem of xenophobia, misinformation and incitement to hatred on digital platforms against migrants. The Barometer also alerts about the appearance and growth of xenophobic and discriminatory discourses, possible attacks and manifestations of violence, and attempts to manipulate public opinion through false information. Through its monitoring platform, Barometer Xenophobia supports public authorities in implementing timely protection measures and public information campaigns in response to specific events. 


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