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Working together: Labour Market Integration of Refugees in Germany and other OECD Countries


An unprecedented number of people sought shelter in OECD countries in recent years. In this environment, it is critical that refugees are able to integrate successfully in the hostcountry labour market in order to become full contributing members of their new societies. This can also positively influence the perceptions of host communities and contribute to fostering a welcoming environment. 

To better harness the potential that refugees bring, countries must make the right investments in integration support and services from the outset. Many countries have been taking impressive steps to facilitate the effective labour market integration of refugees.

The OECD together with the German Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs organised the conference “Working Together: Labour Market Integration of Refugees in Germany and other OECD Countries” at Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft (“House of German Business”) in Berlin, Germany, on 14 March 2017. This conference was an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of successful labour market integration as well as to share knowledge and good practices.  

At the occasion, of the conference, the OECD released a fast-track review of the German labour market integration system for refugees. As part of this review, the OECD conducted jointly with the German Association of Chambers of Commerce and Trade (DIHK) and the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs an survey among 2200 German employers regarding their views and experiences with refugees and asylum seekers. 

Agenda of the conference 

Background document of the conference:


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