OECD Reviews of Health Systems: A series of country reports


OECD Reviews of Health Systems are in-depth studies of the health system of member countries, with a particular focus on economic issues. They assess the performance of health systems in a comparative context, identify the main challenges faced by the country health system and put forward policy options to better meet them. Reviews are initiated at the request of the country to be examined and emphasis is placed on specific issues of key policy interest.

Each review includes:

  • a description of the main institutional characteristics of the country health system
  • an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses in terms of: access and insurance coverage; responsiveness to patient needs and quality of care; efficiency in provision; and financial sustainability
  • an analysis of key recent reforms or programmes of particular relevance to the country
  • conclusions and recommendations suggesting ways forward to address policy and performance challenges.

OECD Reviews of Health Systems - REPORTS AVAILABLE

OECD Reviews of Health Systems are informed by comparative data analysis, specific indicators, and benchmarking of policies from other OECD countries. Country-specific documentation and data for the country under review are analysed by the OECD Secretariat. A fact-finding and policy questionnaire is administered to the authorities of the country under review.

Additional material and data are also collected from an OECD mission to the country under examination, during which the Secretariat examines key policies and meets with relevant authorities and other key stakeholders. Prior to its finalisation and publication, a draft report is discussed during a review meeting, held either in Paris or in the country itself, which involves the Secretariat, the country under review, and delegates from other countries identified as examiners.

OECD Reviews of Health Systems
 are undertaken as part of the activities of the Health Committee.

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For a description of the health system in these countries and many others, visit the European Observatory's Health Systems in Transition (HiT) series.

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