Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) - Spanish Speaking Seminars


The OECD-CERI Spanish Speaking Seminars are series of fora for discussion and exchange of policies, strategies, innovations and best practices on particular educational challenges between OECD countries and the Ibero-American region.
They are conceived as a two-way/win-win strategy in which, on the one hand, CERI gets closer to specific education needs and issues of Ibero-America, and on the other hand, participating countries find a more contextualised arena for exchanging their views and practices on a common basis.
These seminars which began in 2001, led by Mexico, Spain and Chile, have become a solid and reputed bridge to Latin America. The first three seminars focused mainly on ICT, their impact, and the educational needs of the knowledge society. The fourth Seminar is planned for 2007 in Cordoba Spain, and it will be devoted to Key Competences.

All Spanish-speaking countries and OECD members are invited to participate in these colloquia: such as Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Peru, and Dominican Republic, as well as nations with strong links to the regions such as Brazil, United States and Portugal, but also Czech Republic and Australia, have already participated. 



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