Reinforcing the Rule of Law in Yemen


The MENA Transition Fund Project: “Reinforcing the Rule of Law: Developing the Capacities of the Judiciary in Yemen” is a joint partnership between the Ministry of Justice, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development as Implementation Support Agencies.

The objective of the project is to build judicial capacity to improve the integrity, efficiency and effectiveness of the court system and access to justice. The project provides the necessary technical assistance to the Government of Yemen in the implementation of the 2013 Action Plan within the framework of the strategy prepared by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

The project addresses four components:

  • Assessing the capacities of judiciary;
  • Enhancing judicial capacity and integrity, such as through "train-the-trainers" programmes for judges and a code of conduct for judges and prosecutors;
  • Improving the judicial infrastructure and institutional capacities in the Ministry of Justice;
  • Improving court management and access to justice.


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