The World Government Summit


The World Government Summit is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of government worldwide. Each year, the Summit sets the agenda for the next generation of governments with a focus on how they can harness innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity.

The OECD acts as a key strategic partner in the summit which brings together over 4000 high level ministers, government officials, experts, representatives from the private sector and civil society. Since its inauguration in 2013 the MENA Governance programme has contributed to the summit with keynote speakers, participation in expert discussion panels, pre-summit meetings and discussion papers.

OECD activities at the 2018 World Government Summit, 11-13 February

  • SDGs in Action: Pre-Summit Event on 10 February
  • Peer to Peer Debate: Building Partnerships to Deliver the SDGs: Pre-Summit Event on 10 February
  • One On One With OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría: 11 February
  • Global Platform: "Disruption - The Next Big Things": 11 February, the OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría will launch the report Embracing Innovation in Government: Global Trends 2018.
  • Youth Circle “Rising up to Challenge: youth and the future of Government”: 11 February
  • Gender Circle: “Towards Innovative Gender Budgeting in Governments”: 11 February
  • Meeting of the MENA-OECD Working Group on Open and Innovative Government: 13 February


The 2017 MENA–OECD Governance Programme Pre-Summit Meeting

The UAE hosted the 12th annual meeting of the MENA –OECD Working Group on Open and Innovative Government on 11 February 2017. This year's meeting was co-organised with UN-ESCWA. It discussed key findings from the OECD regional study Benchmarking Digital Government Strategies in the MENA countriesOpen Government: The global context and the way forward and the OECD Global Innovation Review.

The Working Group brought together policy makers from MENA and OECD countries to exchange innovative practices in the fields of:


World Government Summit 2017 Gov team Dubai 
H.E. Mona Al Marri, UAE Gender Balance Council meets with OECD DSG
Mari Kiviniemi
 and Public Governance director Rolf Alter at the 2017 Summit





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 2018 Agenda



UAE Gender Balance Guide prelim cover

Gender Balance Guide: Good Practices for UAE Organisations

February 2017- In conjunction with the United Arab Emirates Gender Balance Council, the OECD is working on a Best Practices Guide for UAE organisations. This innovative good practices guide for a better gender balance in UAE organisations is an important achievement. It’s successful implementation across public and private sectors will definitely assist the UAE in becoming an example for gender balance in the workplace. 

The guide was introduced at the 2017 Summit by H. E. Mona Al Marri, VP of Dubai’s Gender Balance Council and the OECD Deputy Secretary General Mari Kiviniemi.

Benchmarking Digital Government Strategies in MENA Countries

Benchmarking Digital Government Strategies in MENA Countries

February 2017- Launched at the 2017 Summit, this report provides an in-depth look at how Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates are using digital technologies to achieve broader policy objectives. The report finds that significant progress has been made in improving connectivity, establishing the basic infrastructure and using ICTs for more efficient services. They have laid the foundations for the digital transformation of the public sector in a way that ensures greater accessibility for all. ‌

Report Cover for Embracing Innovation

Embracing Innovation in Government

February 2017- Over the last year, OECD has been working in partnership with the UAE’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI) to conduct a global review of the ways in which governments are transforming their operations and improving the lives of their people though innovation. The OECD has conducted extensive research into innovation trends and examples in OECD member countries and non-members alike, as well as a two-month open “Call for Innovations” to identify examples of innovative practices in governments worldwide. 

The 2016 Summit- Youth in the MENA Region

At the 2016 Summit a keynote speech was given by OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría, focusing on the key characteristics of the government of tomorrow in the MENA region and beyond.  

The OECD report, “Youth in the MENA region: How to bring them in” is the first of its kind to apply a “youth lens” to public governance arrangements. It outlines a pathway for governments to foster a more strategic approach to pro-youth policy outcomes and quality services by:

  • Involving youth in in the policy cycle
  • Leveraging open government tools and innovative technologies to engage youth
  • Using a whole-of-government approach to mainstream youth policy across key public governance areas 


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