Regional Working Groups


The Regional Working Groups of the The MENA-OECD Governance Programme are designed to drive an in-depth and results-oriented regional policy dialogue among the Initiative's Key Actors, the participating Arab and OECD countries.  



Title Chair


Civil Service & Integrity Morocco


Open and Innovative Government UAE (Dubai)


MENA-OECD Network of Senior Budget Officials Lebanon


Public Service Delivery, PPP & Regulatory Reform Tunisia


Regional Working Groups are presided over by an Arab Chair  and an OECD Co-chair, with Arab Chairs usually hosting Regional Working Group meetings in their respective countries. All participating countries are invited to take part in these meetings, but do so on a voluntary basis to ensure that Regional Working Groups are driven by players committed to reform and co-operation, and are based on country ownership and demand. Regional Working Group participants come from a variety of backgrounds, ensuring an appropriate mix of experts and policy makers from both Arab and OECD countries. A key criterion for all participants is their capacity to influence the reform agenda in their country and their particular field.  


Participation of country delegates from across the MENA region leads to a broad, regional perspective and to the exchange of best practices, the sharing of knowledge and lessons learned, and the avoidance of mistakes previously committed by others. In order to ensure maximum coordination and cooperation at the national level, Regional Working Group delegates are supported by their Committees, which promote what has become known as the Initiative’s ‘whole-of-government’ approach.


Regional Working Groups meet up to three times a year.


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