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Pourquoi la simplification administrative est-elle si compliquée ? (2011)

Les entreprises et les citoyens se plaignent généralement d’un excès de paperasserie. La simplification administrative est un moyen d’améliorer la qualité de la réglementation en réexaminant et en allégeant les formalités réglementaires et administratives.


Cutting Red Tape - Why is Administrative Simplification so Complicated? (2010)

This publication on cutting red tape analyses how administrative simplification is used as a regulatory quality tool to review and reduce administrative and regulatory procedures.


Risk and Regulatory Policy: Improving the Governance of Risk (2010)
This publication presents recent OECD research and analysis on risk and regulatory policy. The chapters discuss core challenges and offer measures for developing, or improving, coherent risk governance policies.


Overcoming Barriers to Administrative Simplifcation Strategies (2009)
This guide draws on the experience of, and policy dialogue between, member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Middle East and North African countries (MENA). It reviews common barriers to designing and implementing a strategy for administrative simplification and offers 22 approaches to overcome them, providing a synthesis of good practices among policy makers and practitioners working on cutting red tape.


Building an Institutional Framework for Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA): Guidance for Policy Makers (2008)
This guide for policy makers with little knowledge about RIA is intended to cover the main elements that constitute the RIA process, with a focus on basic institutional preconditions for successful implementation. It draws on the extensive work of the OECD on the RIA practices of OECD members. The OECD framework highlights the benefits of RIA, to help practitioners better understand the elements needed to introduce and consolidate a RIA system.


Cutting Red Tape: National Strategies for Administrative Simplification (2006)
This OECD Publications look at the achievements in cutting red tape and what more governments can do to make their administrative systems simplier and more efficient.

Policy Briefs


Policy Brief on Cutting Red Tape (EnglishFrench)


Policy Brief on Tools to Initiate Regulatory Impact Assessments (English)
The Policy Brief on Tools to Initiate RIA is intended as a guiding instrument to design a Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) process, based on experience from OECD countries and pilot projects undertaken in developing countries. It is intended to help government officials to consider how to include RIA into the regulatory and policy-making process. The main goal of this paper is to provide a baseline for self-assessments of the viability, capacities and concrete steps to be taken towards the implementation of an adapted and thus country-specific RIA model.


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